Saturday, November 18, 2006

drinking spree

drinking spree
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roughly around this time last year i was in NY checking out the sights with my friend Hazel. I still can't believe that was just a year ago, it seems like ages now that i think about it... dang, how time flies!

Anyway, this was taken while we had our 10 minute intermission --- watching The Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic was quite an experience! The red wine didn't come cheap (freakin' $10 a glass) but i guess it was pretty good :-P

The musical was well, interesting. Most parts made me want to sleep (i guess it was just because there was just too much A/C, or i was just really tired from all that walking) but those parts wherein they were singing those memorable sad songs, i was crying buckets like there was no tomorrow. LOL. Hazel was nice enough not to laugh at me when the lights hit. awwwww... miss you girl!

i miss NY.

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hlF said...

dang, how fast time flies. truer words have never been spoken! grabe... i cant even seem to remember what i was doing this time of the year last year. ma-check nga yung blog ko. hehehe

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